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The Bosphorus wallpaper by Josef Dufour in the castle Herrnsheim near Worms


As part of the renovation of Schloss Herrnsheim near Worms, built by Emmerich Josef von Dalberg (1777-1833) at the beginning of the 19th century, this research project (awarded by the cultural department of the city of Worms) aims to identify possible models for the "Bosphorus landscape”. It examines the extent to which real views of Constantinople / Istanbul may have served as inspiration for the image wallpaper created in Paris by Joseph Dufour (1752-1827).

The results are to be published.



Document Survey on Medieval Architecture (c. 400 - c. 1900) in North Iraq


On behalf of the Oriental Department of the DAI (German Archaeological Institute), Berlin, a document survey on medieval architecture in northern Iraq has been conducted.

Purpuse: creating an overview, which visual information about medieval buildings (c. 400 to c. 1900) exist before the destruction by the "Islamic State" (ISIS) in 2014

images (b/w, color, prints, negatives, slides in publications and in archives

plans & drawings

As an example, the photographs taken by the DAI, Baghdad department, in N-Iraq in the 1970s can be seen


Amadiya, North Iraq, base of the minaret of the Great Mosque (Ulu Cami), Foto: R.M. Böhmer


Islamic Art Historiography

Special attention is given to the first generation of Islamic Art Historians (even before this term was generally used) and their impact on the History of Islamic Art & Architecture: e.g. the researcher, travelor, collector and first director of the "Islamic Department" of the Royal Museums at Berlin (today Museum of Islamic Art of the State Museums at Berlin) Friedrich Paul Sarre (1865-1945), who's 150. anniversary in 2015 has been celebrated, as well as the genious, but also very controversal art historian Josef Strzygowski (1862-1941). 

In addition, cross connections, i. e. networks that also include lesser-known names will be shown. In the course of time, a comprehensive index of first German-speaking researchers (born before 1914) from the fields of Islamic art history, architecture and archeology with biographical information, bibliographical references and pictorial material will emerge.




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Figurative reliefs in medieval Islamic architectural decoration

A further focus of research is the figurative reliefs in the medieval Islamic architectural decoration (Seljuks, Artuqids a.o.) and their meaning. The topic was extensively discussed in the PhD thesis (Heidelberg 1991) "Mittelalterliche Tierreliefs in Anatolien und Nordmesopotamien - Untersuchungen zum figürlichen Baudekor der Seldschuken, ... " (Tübingen 1996).

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