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Friedrich Sarre (1865-1945)

The explorer, traveler, collector and later first director of the "Islamic Department" of the Royal Museums of Berlin (now Museum of Islamic Art of the Berlin State Museums) Friedrich Paul Sarre can be considered the actual founder of Islamic Art History, including architecture and archeology of  the Islamic periods. Between 1895 and 1900 he undertook several major expeditions to Anatolia (Ottoman Empire), Persia (Iran) and Turkestan (Russian Empire). See the article "Philipp Walter Schulz and Friedrich Sarre: Two German Pioneers in the Development of Persian Art Studies on Academia.

Large parts of the collection of Friedrich Sarre, from 1904 onwards displayed as a permanent loan, came later (1921) as a donation to the museum. These objects still characterize the collection of Islamic art until today. See the article

Images of his villa in Babelsberg, built in 1906 by Otto Sior  Villa Sarre - Orientalism and his very modest grave  Grab Friedrich Sarre - Orientalism