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Exhibition Palestine 2019

"Wo liegt eigentlich Palästina?" / "Where is Palestine to be found on the map?"

This  exhibition  was scheduled in the old VHS (independent art space) in Bonn from 1.6. - 16.6. 2019. Due to general and false accusation fo Israel criticism, BDS support, etc. the room for the exhibtion was withdrawn, which caused the cacellation of the exhibition.

The exhibibition has been on display in the gallery kunstraum52, Niebuhrstrasse 52, 53113 Bonn on Saturday, 10 August at 6pm to 10 pm and on Sunday 11 August from 2 pm to 6 pm

First impressions you can get here:

Below is a small selection of photographs taken during the 3 months participating in the EAPPI Ecumenical Accompaniment Program (April to July 2017) in Israel and Palestine (occupied Palestine Territories).



Friday, 11 January 2019