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Qur'an Bifolium. Nurse's Qur'an (Mushaf al-Hadina), made for the chief nursemaid of the Zirid ruler al-Mu'izz ibn Badis (r. 406-454 AH/ 1016 -1062 CE) , dated 410 AH./ 1020 CE , ⁨The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization⁩, ⁨Sharjah⁩, ⁨United Arab Emirates⁩

 Bifolium from a Qur'an manuscript known as the Mushaf al-Hadina (Nurse's Qur'an), copied in a bold, angular cursive script with colourful vowel marks.

Made for a female patron, the nursemaid of ruler al-Muizz ibn Badis of the Zirid dynasty of Ifrigiya, who reigned over the central Maghreb region in the 4th century AH (11th century CE).

Information based on the label in the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha and Fraser, M., Ziai, A., 2022. Sacred Words, Timeless calligraphy: Highlights of exceptional calligraphy from the Hamid Jafar Qur’an collection. Sharjah Museums Authority, pp. 34, 58-59, cat. 13.


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