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A. M. Schneider in Qasr ibn Wardan (6th c.) in N-Syria, 1951


Schneider, Alfons Maria (1896 - 1952)

As a theologian, Christian archaeologist and Byzantinist, Alfons Maria Schneider (1896 - 1952) left behind an extensive, surprisingly broad oeuvre: for example, he excavated in the forecourt of the Hagia Sophia and was able to determine the original building, for many years he was one of the editors of the 'BZ' (Byzantinische Zeitschrift), Byzantine Journal, and made numerous contributions, he has written a monograph on Hagia Sophia - also appealing to a wider audience - and he initiated the excavations in Resafa / Rusafa in northern Syria in 1951. The latter also documents his interest in the Christian Orient, while his open-mindedness towards the Islamic culture is evident in the promotion and support of Katharina Otto-Dorn (1908-1999).

Only very few photos of him are known so far; now an unknown one depicting him in the ruins of the Byzantine palace of Qasr ibn Wardan (6th century CE) in northern Syria taken in 1951 can be published here for the first time.