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Eva Hoeck in Shibam in the 1950s

Eva Hoeck (1917-1995)

Dr. Eva Höck (1917-1995) can be considered as one of few female European 'Yemen pioneers'. She worked as s doctor in the Harem of the Imam in Taiz (North Yemen) and in Shibam, Hadramaut (South Yemen) in the late 1940s and 1950s. In Shibam she was able to build up the first hospital. About this time she published "Doctor amongst the Bedouins" (London 1962).

Eva Hoeck took many photographs during her stay (1948-1958), more than 200 6 x 6 slides, in black & white as well as in colour survived, which document both Yemen before the modern period started. The material has been given to "Das Bild des Orients" in 2011 and is currently digitized to be presented online. A glance is to be found in Historical Images.