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Al Nuri Moschee in Mosul (Foto: 1970)

Document Survey on Medieval Architecture (c. 400 - c. 1900) in North Iraq


On behalf of the Oriental Department of the DAI (German Archaeological Institute), Berlin, a document survey on medieval architecture in northern Iraq has been conducted.

Purpuse: creating an overview, which visual information about medieval buildings (c. 400 to c. 1900) exist before the destruction by the "Islamic State" (ISIS) in 2014: images (b/w, color, prints, negatives, slides) in publications and in archives as well as plans & drawings.

As an example can be seen in the photographs taken in North Iraq (Amadiya Survey) in the 1970s by the Baghdad Department of German Archaeological Institute.

For more images from North Iraq, among others from Mosul, taken in 1970 on a private tour to the East, see