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Figurative reliefs in medieval Islamic architectural decoration

A further focus of research is the figurative reliefs in the medieval Islamic architectural decoration (Seljuks, Artuqids a.o.) and their meaning. The topic was extensively discussed in the PhD thesis (Heidelberg 1991) "Mittelalterliche Tierreliefs in Anatolien und Nordmesopotamien - Untersuchungen zum figürlichen Baudekor der Seldschuken, ... " (Tübingen 1996).

For their interpretation see synoptical: Joachim Gierlichs, "A victory monument in the name of Sultan Malik Shah in Diyarbakir – Medieval figural reliefs used for political propaganda ?", in: Islamic Art (eds. E. J. Grube - E. Sims), vol. 6, 2009, 51-79. To the Article on