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Michael Meinecke (Vienna, November 6, 1941 - Berlin, January 10, 1995) uniquely combined research (including the excavation of the palaces in Raqqa, northern Syria from 1982), teaching (1978 habilitation at the University of Hamberg) and museum activity (1988-1995 director of the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin).

His broad interests are reflected in extensive research and publication activities; the list of publications compiled by Viktoria Meinecke-Berg can be found in the Damascene Messages, Volume 11, 1999 (Ph. v. Zabern, 2000) pp. XVII-XXI.

 See the obituaries by C.P. Haase and Th. Leisten

  • Claus P. Haase: Michael Meinecke. 6. 11. 1941–10. 1. 1995. In: Der Islam. Bd. 72, Nr. 1, 1995, S. 1–6, doi:10.1515/islm.1995.72.1.1.
  • Thomas Leisten: Michael Meinecke. 6 November 1941–10 January 1995. In: Artibus Asiae. Bd. 55, Nr. 3/4, 1999, S. 382


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